Results World RX – Round 2 – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The final result of WRX Round 2 for the Drivers
Pos.DriverCarQ1–Q4Semi FinalsFinalTotal
1[sc name="f" c="se"] Timmy HansenPeugeot 2081|1|1|1: P1(16)SF1: P1(6)P1(8)30
2[sc name="f" c="se"] Kevin HansenPeugeot 2082|2|5|4: P2(15)SF2: P1(6)P2(5)26
3[sc name="f" c="no"] Andreas BakkerudAudi S15|5|4|3: P4(13)SF2: P2(5)P3(4)22
4[sc name="f" c="fi"] Niclas GrönholmHyundai i206|11|2|2: P3(14)SF1: P2(5)P4(3)22
5[sc name="f" c="fr"] Cyril RaymondRenault Clio8|6|13|7: P7(10)SF1: P3(4)P5(2)16
6[sc name="f" c="lv"] Jānis BaumanisFord Fiesta7|8|7|6: P6(11)SF2: P3(4)P6(1)16
7[sc name="f" c="ru"] Timur TimerzyanovHyundai i203|3|10|8: P5(12)SF1: P4(3)–––15
8[sc name="f" c="hu"] Krisztián SzabóAudi S19|4|8|14: P8(9)SF2: P6(1)–––10
9[sc name="f" c="fr"] Guerlain ChicheritRenault Mégane4|12|9|13: P9(8)SF1: P5(2)–––10
10[sc name="f" c="gb"] Liam DoranAudi S110|13|6|11: P10(7)SF2: P4(3)–––10
11[sc name="f" c="be"] Guillaume De RidderRenault Clio14|15|11|5: P11(6)SF1: P6(1)–––7
12[sc name="f" c="de"] Timo ScheiderSEAT Ibiza11|7|17|10: P12(5)SF2: P5(2)–––7
13[sc name="f" c="lt"] Rokas BaciuškaŠkoda Fabia12|9|12|12: P13(4)––––––4
14[sc name="f" c="se"] Anton MarklundRenault Mégane19|10|3|9: P14(3)––––––3
15[sc name="f" c="gb"] Christopher HoyFord Fiesta16|17|16|16: P15(2)––––––2
16[sc name="f" c="fi"] Jani PaasonenFord Fiesta15|18|15|17: P16(1)––––––1
17[sc name="f" c="gb"] Oliver BennettBMW MINI Cooper17|16|18|15: P17(0)––––––0
18[sc name="f" c="hu"] Tamás KáraiAudi A113|14|14|19: P18(0)––––––0
19[sc name="f" c="fr"] Hervé "Knapick"Citroën DS318|19|19|18: P19(0)––––––0
The final result of WRX Round 2 for the Teams
Pos.TeamDriver 1Driver 2Total
1[sc name="f" c="se"] Team Hansen MJPTimmy Hansen(30)Kevin Hansen(26)56
2[sc name="f" c="fi"] GRX TanecoNiclas Grönholm(22)Timur Timerzyanov(15)37
3[sc name="f" c="gb"] Monster Energy RX CartelAndreas Bakkerud(22)Liam Doran(10)32
4[sc name="f" c="fr"] GCK AcademyGuillaume De Ridder(7)Cyril Raymond(16)23
5[sc name="f" c="fr"] GCK KompetitionGuerlain Chicherit(10)Anton Marklund(3)13


How to read our tables

Column Q1–Q4: 1|2|3|4: P1(16) means that the driver scored position 1 in Q1, position 2 in Q2, position 3 in Q3 and position 4 in Q4 which results in overall position 1 and is awarded with 16 points for the qualifying part of the race weekend.

Column Semi Finals: SF1: P1(6) means that the driver scored position 1 in semi-final 1 and is awarded with 6 points for the semi-finals part of the race weekend.

Column Finals: P1(8) means that the driver scored position 1 in the final race of the race weekend and is awarded with 8 points.

Points available for qualifying (Q1–Q4)
Position1234567891011121314151617 and up
Points available for semi-finals
Points available for final