JC Raceteknik announces 2019 RX2 drivers

Today (29. January) Joel Christoffersson’s JC Raceteknik announced that the 2018 drivers Ben-Philip Gundersenand Sondre Evjen will contiue for the team in 2019. Both Norwegians will participate in the 2019 RX2 International Series, the official supporting series to the FIA World Rallycross Championship. In addition, Gundersen and Evjen, joined by Swede Jimmie Walfridsson are the team’s drivers for the upcoming 2019 RallyX Nordic series (Supercar Lites).

Ben-Philip Gundersen (left) and Sondre Evjen both continue for JC Raceteknik in 2019 targeting the RX2 International Series and the RallyX Nordic series. (Photo: Jan Kåre Rafoss)

JC Raceteknik also acquired two 2017 – former EKS – Audi S1 cars according to an earlier announcement to race in the Supercar category in 2019. However, championships or series and/or drivers for these cars were at the time of writing not yet revealed.

Two 2017 EKS Audi S1 cars acquired by JC Raceteknik