Euro RX 2019 permanent drivers announced

FIA and championship promotor IMG released the list of permanent drivers in the European Rallycross championships for Supercar and Super1600.

So here is the list of the permanent drivers in the 2019 FIA European Rallycross Championship:

4[sc name="f" c="se"] Robin LarssonAudi S1
8[sc name="f" c="se"] Peter HedströmVW Polo Mk5
10[sc name="f" c="fi"] Mikko IkonenFord Fiesta Mk7
23[sc name="f" c="fr"] Andréa DubourgPeugeot 208
35[sc name="f" c="gb"] Mike ManningFord Fiesta Mk7
38[sc name="f" c="de"] Mandie AugustSEAT Ibsiza Mk4
50[sc name="f" c="hu"] Atilla MózerPeugeot 208
55[sc name="f" c="lt"] Paulius PleskovasFord Fiesta Mk7
73[sc name="f" c="hu"] Támas KáraiAudi A1
77[sc name="f" c="de"] René MünnichSEAT Ibiza Mk4
87[sc name="f" c="fr"] Jean-Baptiste DubourgPeugeot 208
99[sc name="f" c="cz"] Aleš FučíkVW Polo Mk5
188[sc name="f" c="se"] Daniel ThorénVW Polo Mk5

And here is the list of the permanent drivers in the 2019 FIA European Super1600 Rallycross Championship:

3[sc name="f" c="cz"] Pavel VimmerŠkoda Fabia Mk2
7[sc name="f" c="ru"] Marat KnyazevŠkoda Fabia Mk2
10[sc name="f" c="ee"] Janno LigurŠkoda Fabia Mk2
15[sc name="f" c="hu"] Gergely MartonAudi A1
16[sc name="f" c="cz"] Josef ŠustaŠkoda Fabia Mk3
18[sc name="f" c="hu"] Zsolt SzíjjŠkoda Fabia Mk2
19[sc name="f" c="ru"] Egor SaninRenault Twingo Mk2
20[sc name="f" c="ee"] Siim SaluriRenault Twingo Mk2
37[sc name="f" c="fr"] Jimmy TerpereauŠkoda Fabia Mk2
39[sc name="f" c="ru"] Artur EgorovAudi A1
48[sc name="f" c="ru"] Aydar NurievAudi A1
50[sc name="f" c="nl"] Marcel SnoeijersRenault Mégane Coupé Mk3
51[sc name="f" c="no"] Marius BermingrudŠkoda Fabia Mk2
57[sc name="f" c="pl"] Jakub WyszyńskiVW Polo Mk5
87[sc name="f" c="pl"] Radoslaw RaczkowskiŠkoda Fabia Mk3
88[sc name="f" c="no"] Ole Henry SteinsholtŠkoda Fabia Mk3
89[sc name="f" c="ru"] Timur ShigaboutdinovAudi A1
95[sc name="f" c="ru"] Yury BelevskiyAudi A1
96[sc name="f" c="cz"] Marcel SuchýPeugeot 207
113[sc name="f" c="hu"] Dávid GerencsérAlfa Romeo MiTo
128[sc name="f" c="fr"] Jérémy LambecCitroën C2
133[sc name="f" c="gb"] Jack ThorneRenault Twingo Mk2
136[sc name="f" c="cz"] Tomáš KrejčíkŠkoda Citigo

In addition to these permanent entries, each round of the European championship will see a number of drivers entering for selected rounds of the championship only.

The opening round of the 2019 FIA European Rallycross Championship will go underway at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain on April 27-28.