Hansen Brothers launch Yellow Squad

Timmy and Kevin Hansen will become also “team managers” in the 2019 season after they launched today the Yellow Squad Young Driver Team. The team is not a Rallycross team as such however it is a Cross Car (XC) team. Cross Car (XC) is a recent FIA category for young drivers racing rear-wheel drive single seater “buggy type” cars with a multi tubular steel frame and a motorbike engine. It is considered as a step-up for off-road racing like Rallycross and Autocross. Yellow Squad has been created to develop those young drivers. 

We are launching Yellow Squad by Hansen to help young boys and girls at the beginning of their motorsport careers,” Operations Director Timmy Hansen said. “Me and Kevin will help them become the best drivers they can be through offering advice from what we have learnt during our years in the game. At the same time it will personally be a fun new challenge for me to run this team together with my brother.” Team manager Kevin Hansen continued: “We want to make sure our drivers can focus on what they are meant to do, drive a car as fast as possible. We aim to share our experiences in everything from how to eat correctly on a lazy day at home to evaluating the driving into the smallest of details. We strongly believe what we have done in the past and are doing right now is a good base to work from.”

Yellow Squad by Hansen: A Cross Car (XC) team managed by Kevin Hansen (left) and Timmy Hansen. (Photo: Yellow Squad by Hansen)

The Cross Car (XC) category will run together with the main cross kart category in the Swedish championship and the RallyX Nordic series. “We will visit some great tracks around Northern Europe as we focus on the RallyX Nordic series,” Kevin Hansen mentioned. “We believe this is the perfect way for our drivers to get a taste for the real deal of Rallycross!

The team will field the so-called ‘Speedcar’ in the beginning of the season and will later on introduce the new ‘TN5 XC’ developed by FIA XC Cross Car manufacturer LifeLive, the company of World Rally Championship driver Thierry Neuville and his brother Yannick [Neuville].